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We Bring You The Best Services

We offer an extensive range of services. From writing prescriptions to designing custom medical devices, we will go above and beyond what you expect from a pharmacy. We can often save you a visit to the doctor’s office and efficiently provide all the medications, products, and health care services you need—all in one place!


Rx Delivery

If you can’t pick up your medications, we’ll make sure they get to you. We offer prescription delivery for recurring prescriptions and more.


Online Rx Refills

You always have the option of refilling your prescription right from the comfort of your home. Simply fill out our online refill form and then pick up or we can deliver.


Virtual Health

Healthcare on the go. With our virtual health services, you can text and video chat with a medical professional from your smartphone, anywhere you are.



When the standard form of a drug doesn’t meet your individual needs, we can help. 


Mental Health

You can choose to see a mental health specialist at our physical store locations or get treatment online right from your smartphone.



Recovery is something that you have to work on every single day and it’s something that doesn’t get a day off. We can help you take your power back.


Diabetes Services

We provide you with Certified Diabetes Educators (CDE’s). CDE’s can work together with you and your family to make living with diabetes easier.


Medical Devices

For your added convenience, we offer a variety of medical devices that you can purchase at any of our PharmacyGo locations.

We're Not Your Typical Pharmacy!

PharmacyGo reduces the time and friction that stands between your health and your prescribed medications. We do this by providing you with a focused, fast, and convenient way to dispense your drugs and treat your health.


Free Rx Delivery

If you can't pick up your prescriptions or refills, we deliver them right to you, for free!



From free prescription deliveries to providing custom medical devices, our services make it easy to take care of your health needs.



We’re focused on getting you the best-customized service needed to meet your specific needs.



Get your treatment or prescription virtually using your smartphone and your medications to your doorstep with our delivery services.

Virtual Health and Delivery


A Doctor In Your Pocket

Use your smartphone to get diagnosed by a registered nurse practitioner. Prescriptions can be prescribed over a video and audio call using our partner's app.


Rx's On Your Smartphone

The registered nurse practitioner will write you a virtual prescription that we get instantly at your nearest PharmacyGo location.


Free Delivery or Pickup

You can either pick up your prescription at your nearest PharmacyGo or get your prescriptions delivered for free.

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