Managing Diabetes

We make it easier to live with diabetes.

We make it easier to live with Diabetes

While there is no cure for diabetes, proper management can make it easier to live with your condition. Making simple changes to your lifestyle and getting professional advice can help make improvements to your overall health.

We offer a number of services and products tailored specifically for diabetic patients. These solutions make it easy to improve your health and minimize the risk of complications from diabetes.

Our Pharmacists are trained in diabetes management and can recommend treatment, do testing and offer resources and advice to assist you.


Test Your Blood Sugar Level for free

Regular Glucose or blood sugar testing is an important part of diabetes management and is offered free of charge at all our PharmacyGo locations. Test your A1C levels to ensure that your diet and exercise plan and your medications are working to help manage your condition.  


Get your Flu Shot on Time

Persons with diabetes are at a greater risk of complications when the flu season comes around. Be sure to get your flu shot early to help build your immunity between October to April. 


Diabetes Education and Advice

Diabetes is unlike other conditions that can be treated by medication alone. It’s a complex disease and treatment involves multiple components. It may include a combination of healthy nutrition, physical activity, glucose monitoring, mental health, medical devices, and medicines.

Since diabetes treatments cover so many different areas, it’s important that you have some knowledge about it. Diabetes education programs and resources can help you understand how the disease affects you, how to control it, and what are the best changes you can make to improve your health.

Ask to speak to one of our Pharmacists for advice on medication-related topics like the direction of use, side effects, interactions with other medications you’re taking, precautions, over-the-counter products and lifestyle choices. This type of counselling is essential to ensuring your treatment is both safe and effective.



We can provide a variety of products and medical devices for diabetics. This may include the supplies you need like test strips, insulin pumps, and infusion sets. With our free delivery services, we make it easy to ensure you’re never short of supplies.

Our medical devices help minimize health risks and alleviate the symptoms of diabetes. For example, we offer custom-made orthotics that are ideal for addressing the foot issues associated with diabetes (like injuries, ulcers, and infections). Orthotics help by providing proper cushioning and support to reduce pressure on your feet and can help lower the risk of tissue break down. 

We also offer compression socks and stockings. They can maintain proper blood circulation to your legs and feet by providing gentle pressure. This helps the blood flow back up toward your heart, which relieves swelling and reduces your risk for blood vessel damage or clots. 

Ask our friendly and professional staff at the clinics for advice on what will work best for you.