Personal Protective Equipment

PharmacyGo is your complete healthcare solutions provider. We offer a new frontier in the pharmacy world combining customer service excellence, medical products/devices, integration & innovative access to telemedicine services.

With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, PharmacyGo is pleased to help during this difficult and challenging time.  In keeping with our vision & our values, we are pleased to help and give back.

PharmacyGO is ready to assist with the supplies needed for the COVID Crisis for Governments, Hospitals, Hotels & Essential Businesses to ensure safety, protection & governmental requirements are met with the critical Personal Protective Equipment (masks, gowns, gloves, sanitizers, & coverall suits (Tyvek suits) and ventilators if needed).

As there is a global shortage of products, we are fortunate to have many products locally available within Canada. Please contact us for the full list of products and pricing. If you require anything else in addition to the items listed below, we will be happy to assist.


To assist during the COVID-19 Crisis PharmacyGo is pleased to provide businesses with the following:


N92 Masks- FFP2

KN95 Masks- FFP3

N95 Masks: Head Straps

N95 Masks: Head Straps & Valve

Face Shields

Protective clothing

Surgical Gowns - Level 1

Surgical Gowns - Level 2

Surgical Gowns - Level 3

Surgical Gowns - Level 4

Isolation Gowns

Sanitizing Products

Disinfectant Wipes


Hand Sanitizers


Testing Kits for COVID



Shoe Covers

Hair Covers

NOTE: Photos depicted are for visual purposes only and not a representation of actual products.

We also have many additional products available upon request.

Please be aware that in light of the crisis & global economic situation these products are in high demand with limited supply availability.

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