Free Rx Delivery

If you can't pick up your prescriptions or refills, we deliver them right to you, for free!


Delivery Service Guidelines

If you're using our free delivery services, please carefully note the following:

The Delivery Driver will be in the area on specific days: 

  Downtown area (North of Eglington and Etobicoke) - Tuesdays

  Woodbridge - Wednesdays

  Scarborough - Thursdays

  Mississauga - Saturdays


  • Medication orders must be placed 24-hours prior to delivery  
  • We will charge a $5.00 delivery fee for delivery re-attempts done before the next designated day we will be coming to the area  
  • Delivery drivers will pick up medication twice a day. Once at 1-1:30pm and then at 3pm for delivery.

Call us at 905-997-9000 or Fill out this form if you require Delivery Services for Prescriptions: